December 11, 2008

  • What have I made? Where the ideas come from?

  I have made three Video artefacts. The first one representing theme of spectacle. In this artefact, I’m tell a story about a man who can dream his future and what he dreams will all happened in his real life. This idea come up to me after I watched a film called <Minority Report>. In that movie, there’re three people sho can dream the alibi which would happen in reality. And people call them predictor. So I created my protagonist who is similar with the predictors. But what he dreams is not the abili, but is his death.

  The second artefact is the theme of memory, and I made a documentary about the history of Coventry. Actually is the Coventry in the second WW. I interviewed two passerby and one of them is an old lady, she was born in Coventry and went through the bombs. I start to film this documentary because at the time, I always saw lots of people have a small red flower. From my curiosity, I asked a man who stood in front of starbucks and sell the flowers. He told me the reason. Then, I googled some information about Coventry in the second WW, and I want to film it.

The third artifact is the theme of power. To the artifact, I don’t wanna film the big things to represent the theme. Because it’s easy to find out some truth in a very tiny thing in our live. And one day, when I played the piano, I suddenly thing the hand could be filmed. And also, you can research that our human civilization and social civilization are all created by people’s hand, like the Great Wall, the Pyramid.


l         What did I experiment with?


Editing—Adobe Premiere Pro CS3/After Effect

  With my artefacts, I have experimented with shooting and editing. Before I came to Coventry, I knew nothing about them. Because my major in China was bilingual broadcasting. So during the time I had English courses in August, I leanrt the skills of editing from my friends. It’s really hard for me, but I enjoy the process. During the process of editing, I could always find some new technologies I have never met before. And using the new one, may make my artefact much better. And also, I should sort a lot problems out during the process. It’s just like a challenge and very interesting.

l         What has gone wrong? What have I learnt?

  Before starting to film, you should make a plan about the scene. Take my experience of the first artefact for example. The first day I brought Z1 and went out, I suddenly don’t know what to shoot. Because I didn’t make a plan. So I went home and make a detailed plan. In this plan, I devide my story into several parts. Fro instance, in the first scene, I list the place, the character, and action, the shooting eagle and all the details. The plan just like a cue card, and make sure that I shoot ruly for every scene.

l         What will I develop?

1.         I will practice my editing

2.         watching some documentaries.


power of hands

December 1, 2008

At first, I can’t decide what to film, I wanna find one thing which is really full of power, and I walk in the street, I always feel upset. What is the power? The word is so wide and abstract, I try my best and want to find a special thing to illustrate power, but I can’t find the one which is really suitable for the word. One day, one of my friends broke her hand, and she told me because of the broken hand, everything becomes incommodiousness. Because she has to protect the broken hand keep away from the water. So I start to think, what kind of thing is really powerful? The hands, it’s so important for everyone of us, but we always ignore them. Everyday, we use our hands. For example, we say goodbye and wave hands, we write something, we drink water, we turn on the light, we do some cleaning, we text to friends, etc. It seems that we can’t do anything without our hands. And in the history, about 2200 years ago, the Great Wall in China had been totally built up. At that time, there’s no any modern machine to help people to build the Great Wall, what they use just the hands. And the same as the Great Wall, the Pyramid was built all by hands. They were called the miracle in the history.

Because we use our hands too often, we take them as apart of the body and we never think about that the human civilization and the social civilization were just set up by people’s hands.

The day ( the 2 artefact)

November 10, 2008


On the evening of Thursday 14th November1940, everything changed in Coventry. At around 7:10PM, the air-raid siren sounded just as it had done on many occasions this year. Little did the people of Coventry suspect that this was about to become the most prolonged and devastating attack on any city in the history of warfare to date.

The raid known first to the Germans as OPERATION MOONLIGHT SONATA,  but known more familialy by everyone here as simply “The Blits”.

This particular air raid was, of course, far more indiscriminate and inhumane than anything Coventry had ever experienced, and although London had already suffered more bombs and casualties during the previus few months of the Second World War, the concentration of the raid on our relatively small town centre brought the horrific attack on Coventry to the immediate attention of the whole world. This publicity itself was a break from convention; the result of such an attack were usually kept quiet. Howere, the Ministry of Imformation choose this occasion to make use of the press to expose the senseless brutality of the Nazis. The reporting of the destruction of so many homes, and especially the cathedral, soon brought scorn on the enemy from all quaters of the civilised world.

In the new Coventry, old and new are side by side. The old stand for the history, and the new stand for the future. We can’t forget the painful memory not for animosity, but for the peace in the world.

For couple of days, when i walked in the street, i always wondered why so many people had a small red flowers and i could also see some people stood in front of shop to sell these flowers.  From my curiosity, i went to ask an man who stood in front of Starbarks to sell the red flowers and want to find a reason one day. Finally, i found out that these red flowers are not for selling, they are the gifts for thoes people who donated for the charity. 

In the way i went home , i started to think about my artefact and suddenly i kewn what i should do. To make a little documentary to commemorate the history. For the archive footage, i made them by myself. Firstly  i googled which kind of planes uesd in the second World War by Germany, and i also googled how to use premier and AE to modeling the planes and bombs. After i learned it  I begun to  use AE and Premier to modeling the planes and bomb, then googled some pictures of Coventry bu google map. The last step , putting and sticking planes with the pictures or sticking the bombs with the pictures. Anyway, i still filmed Coventry and made them the old look which is just like the old Coventy.

Before i came to Coventry, i’ve already heard about the history, and  when i was still in China, i had found some information of Coventry history on line. So, since I commenced filming and making the second artefact, i had all the information of the history in my mind.

I love Agyness Deyn!

October 31, 2008



Dream ( first artefact )

October 24, 2008



My first artefact is a short film called <Dream>. It tells a man who can dream the future and what happens in his dream will all come true. One night, after he goes sleeping, he dreams about his death in a traffic accident at the time he goes across the street. Before the accident happened, he got a call from his girlfriend and met a guy who was staring at him in a strange way when they met each other in a courtyard. Then, the accident happened after he waved to his girlfriend who was standing at the opposite of the street. The nest morning, he woke up at a start, sitting at bed for a while, then got up as usual because he had a date with his girlfriend. When he was ready to go , locking the door, he really got a call from his girlfriend, and the girl said the same words just like the dream. He had a little confused about the dream and the real. But when he walked in the courtyard, he did not feel confused but also feel scared because he met the man who had showed up in his dream. Then, after he went across the street, waved to his girlfriend, nothing happened. Just at that time, a strong wind blow his girl’s hat away, he tried to pick it up and meanwhile, the death come to find him.


This idea comes up to my mind after I watched the film called < Minority Report>. In that movie, there are three people who can dream the criminal psychology which would happen in the future. And people call them predictor. So I start to think, can we really dream the future? Or, is it just a legend? When I was in china, I always had a kind of feeling: when I go to a strange place, it seems that I came here someday before. The place looks so familiar even I did not came here at all. It is just a feeling. Maybe I dream about it but whatever how hard I try to rethink, what I can remind is just few of pictures about the place like montage. There are several things in the world which can not be explained by scientists,. About these things, believe or not, it’s up to you. But they can not be ignored even some of us don’t believe them.

Little Otik

October 16, 2008

The story is based on an old Czech folk tale.

 Karel and Bozena are a married couple who desperately want a child, but have been unable to conceive. One day, Karel is digging up an old tree stump when it occurs to him that the roots look a bit like a baby; He brings the stump home and carves it into the image of a child. They name their new child Otik. Bozena’s maternal longings transform the stump into a living creature with a monstrous appetite that can’t be met with baby formula. Otik begins eating stray animals and even people……

For decades, the  Czech director Jan Svankmajer, whose surreal fantasy of animation making the whole world fascinate  on him.

After watching the movie, actually, it made me wanna cry. Like all the fairy tale,  the fantacy may have the day to come true. But when you have to really face to the reality,  you will find that the bloody truth is moving towards to you. However, mother’s love is the greatest thing in the world. She protect Otik as her real baby, even someday, Otik may eat her as its dinner. The greed of human just like a deeply dark hole, it won’t satisfy until the would come to the end.


October 9, 2008


Qiantang River is the biggest in Zhejiang Province, running from the west to Hangzhou Bay in the east. It serves as a river hinge, playing an important role in the water-transportation between the east and the west. It is encircled by a group of economically booming cities including Shanghai, China’s leading industrial and commercial hub, and Ningbo, one of China’s leading port cities. The extraordinary surging tide of the Qiantang River is a world-renowned natural wonder caused by the gravitational pull of the stars and planets. The centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the earth and by the peculiar bottleneck shape of Hangzhou Bay makes it easy for the tide to come in, but difficult for it to ebb.    


Response of the film

October 9, 2008

It’s not difficult to understand the movie <The Five Obstructions>.  Lars Von Trier asked Jorgen Leth to restart to film the movie <THE Perfect Human> which is filmed in 1976 and gave him five obstructions. At the same time, Lars Von Trier  make the process which Jorgen Leth got over the challenge and finished the new film as a documentary. For Jorgen Leth, the film < The Perfect human > in 1967 just like a classical movie in movie history.

The first obstruction is 12 frames and went to Cuba to make the movie. The second obstruction, went to Mencius, in a painful place and Lars Von Trier would be the hero but no heroine. The third obstruction, totally free, no Jorgen Leth’s obstruction, all the idea are from Lars Von Trier. The forth obstruction, cartoon, although Lars Von Trier hate cartoon, but he still have to make it. And the last obstruction is the end